In Loving Memory of  "Socks"


     He was a stray cat, found in a jaw trap and fighting for his life.  He was rescued from the horrible trap and

after numerous visits to a veterinarian, he survived and lived at Country Manor Florist for the rest of his 19 years

of life.

     Socks became very popular with the customers and greeted everyone, no matter what age they were.

People came into the flower shop many times-------just to see our "shop cat".   Socks always sat on a box or

found his way to someone's lap while they were on the computer.

     In a short amount of time, he was promoted to "Employee of the Month".  Many, many people chuckled about

his picture on the countertop.  With his wonderful customer service skills, he later moved to the position of

"CEO" of Country Manor Florist and remained in this position for the rest of his career.

     His daily life, outside of the business, included playing with toys, taking afternoon naps, enjoying his food and

snacks, and mainly going for walks (that is, with someone carrying him and walking around outside).

     Roughly about 10 years ago, Socks was diagnosed with Diabetes and had to have insulin everyday.  We was

very good about reminding us to give him his shot everyday.


        Socks . . . . . your work here is done.  You went away to a place where there is no pain, only purring, and

there will always be a tomorrow.  You will be greatly missed by the customers and your co-workers.

Rest in Peace little guy.  We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Socks with His Rose
Napping with the Puppy
Socks and DC-Best Friends FOREVER
Getting Ready for Easter
Photo shoot for Teleflora
Vacationing at DAYS INN hotel
Waiting for the enemy, whoever walks past me
Waiting for the customers
Breakfast, lunchtime, supper or snacks.
Portrait of Socks